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DVD-диск содержит:01.  Sultans Of Swing 02.  Lady Writer 03.  Romeo And Juliet 04.  Tunnel Of Love 05.  Private Investigations 06.  Twisting By The Pool 07.  Love Over Gold (Live) 08.  So Far Away 09.  Money For Nothing 10.  Brothers In Arms 11.  Walk Of Life 12.  Calling Elvis 13.  Heavy Fuel 14.  On Every Street 15.  Your Latest Trick (Live) 16.  Local Hero / Wild Theme (Live) Audio Interview With Mark KnopflerPicture Format PAL 4x3 Format DVD-5Time 103 mins. Color Mode Color Region Code 0 (All)Language - English PCM StereoSubtitles: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

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