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Iconic venue? Check. Capacity Crowd? Check. Setlist packed with classics? Check. Accordionist? Check. What?! This is a Quo gig alright, but like none that had come before. With the Telecasters packed away for the night, and Francis, Rick, Andrew, John and Leon joined onstage by a string section and some backing vocalists, the status quo has very much been changed... This isn't just Quo, this is «Aquostic»! Featuring the huge hits of the Quo songbook, this «Aquostic» set glories in the spare, stripped-back power of the melodies. The songs are allowed to shine; keeping all of their immediacy, all of their emotional heft, all of their power. It's a completely new approach, and it completely blows the Roundhouse audience away! It's Quo, but not as we know it! Reworked, retuned, rebooted... remarkable!

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